| 18 Jul 2024
Arnab Goswami's exclusive interview with RJ Mady from Red FM

MUMBAI: Red FM RJ Mandy breaks the ice and brings to us the real picture of famous Arnab Goswami through her exclusive interview. There is no escaping from this man, but this time he couldn’t escape from Red FM.

Every night, on top of his voice he asks the most uncomfortable questions and he makes sure that he finds all the answers that the nation is looking for. The politicians dread him; trouble makers fear away from his name itself. Many mistake him to be a bitter person but deep down he is the sweetest of all.

It might surprise everyone that Arnab chooses to stay silent and just listen when he is around his friends and family. News is his only interest and it is his whole life. He enjoys the madness that engulfs his debates, so much so that he often compromises on the advertisements that fetch his channel the desired revenues. His good sense of humour is evident in the way he talks about the spoof and trolls on him.

India’s most talked about journalist was caught discussing about his personal choices in life and what originated the term “The nation wants to know”. Red FM’s RJ Mandy got him to speak in his own language, Assamese.

Watch Arnab Gosami’s exclusive interview on Youtube: