| 14 Jul 2024
RJ Amit returns to FM Tadka after nine years

MUMBAI: Rajasthan Patrika's venture FM Tadka recently launched radio jockey- RJ Amit for the morning show 'Crispy Morning'.

Amit, who was a part of the initial team of Tadka during the time of its launch, has rejoined the company after a span of nine years. He has replaced RJ Devangana who has moved to #Fame in Mumbai.

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FM Tadka programming head Praveen Sharma says, "For radio stations, content is the most important thing. Honestly speaking, the magic that old RJs created is still difficult to match up. With RJ Amit on board, people are loving the nostalgic feeling. We, through Amit, tried to recreate that magic where RJs use to leave listeners spellbound with their unique styles."

"Amit picked up so well within few days that the old listeners are loving the show," added Praveen.

RJ Amit mimics different Bollywood actors and is famous for re-creating various voices. He also recreates old characters from classic Hindi cinema.

He has also worked with My FM station in Jaipur for five years and has been a theatre artiste for quite a long time.  He spent some of his crucial years in Mumbai doing theatre and TV shows.

Amit says he is delighted to return to Tadka. "I started with Tadka nine years ago and trust me, the experience is blissful. The management gives freedom to your creativity. Limitations are everywhere but Tadka gives you the type of much-needed space which helps you connect with the audience," he says.
"I took a hiatus from radio and went to Mumbai to do theatre and other creative works because somewhere as radio evolved, it became more commercial. The art began losing its essence. Therefore, I remained aloof from radio for some time."
"As I belong to the old school and started my career with radio, here I am, happy and content in FM Tadka," he signs off.