| 24 May 2022
Mumbai FM stations back on air after two hours black out

MUMBAI: All eight private FM stations in Mumbai were back on air around 1.30 pm today, after suffering an enforced blackout this morning.

The stations resumed transmission around 1.30 pm, with some of them taking to social media to announce their return. This is the first time that an All India Radio infrastructure problem at Worli where the AIR tower is located caused such a disruption. More details are awaited. Private FM stations have their transmitters located at the AIR tower and share AIR infrastructure. Private radio stations in Mumbai goes off air

The three AIR FM stations, 110.7 Gold, 107.1 Rainbow and 102.6 Vividh Bharati however continued to function normally throughout. The AIR transmission department at Worli told that they did not suffer any blackout and there were no operational problems.

Stay tuned to this space for more details.

Here are some tweets from private FM operators who resumed transmission after 1 pm today.

Radio Nasha

Fever FM