| 17 Jun 2024
Radio Choklate launches 'Andolan' to revive Odia music

MUMBAI: Odisha based FM network Radio Choklate has launched a new initiative - 'Andolan' - to reintroduce good Odia music to the people of Odisha. Through the step, the FM station will try to build a platform for Odia musicians and music lovers to connect and converse.

Radio Choklate's programming head Sangram Mishra says, "We have come up with a campaign that wants to bring revolution in the Odia music industry. Regional music is no longer being heard by the population. Therefore, to save our culture and ethnicity, this movement might help Odisha."

"Our radio station, Radio Choklate, has come forward to see that good compositions are being made. We will launch the new songs through our YouTube channel and select on the basis of the quality of the song. Original or remake, the essence of music should be retained," added Mishra.

Radio Choklate started the revolution with the song they released on the occasion of 'Raja' (a three-day festival celebrated in the state of Odisha to celebrate the season of rains).

The song is the reprised version of Odia folk song 'Banaste Dakila Gaja'.

Song: Banaste Dakila Gaja

Singer : Jyote Bothra

Jyote Bothra, who has sung the song and featured in the video debuts her singing career with this song.

The FM station will keep on uploading such videos frequently.

They have also shared an open letter on the facebook page of Rado Choklate Andolan for the people of Odisha.