| 09 Dec 2021
FM Tadka takes a dig at smokers on Anti-Tobacco Day

MUMBAI: Rajasthan Patrika's radio venture FM Tadka took an innovative initiative on Anti-Tobacco Day through creative capsules. These 40 to 45 second capsules explain how smoking harms the non-smokers. Moreover, it takes a dig at smokers who do not think about the others bearing the consequences.

FM Tadka's programming head Praveen Sharma says,"Our FM station is famous for its strong approach on sarcasm and emotions. We have come up with interesting capsules on usual situations with a different take."

In one capsule, they announce about 'Madmast Express' which is an actual train (Passenger Express 339) that runs in Bhatinda, Punjab . The capsule metaphorically explains that the smokers have boarded a train of injurious habit (smoking) with its final destination being death.

In the other capsule, one friend chides the other for smoking in front of his daughter and also suggests him to get a medical policy for his daughter as his act would affect her in the longer run. This capsule too highlights the hazadarous effects of passive smoking.

According to reports, passive smoking is much harmful than active smoking as it increases the risk of lung cancer by 20 to 30 per cent.