| 23 May 2022
Being a commercial medium we need to understand the value of ads: Priyaraj Govindraj G

MUMBAI: The Creative Program Head of Mathrubhumi Group venture Priyaraj Govindraj G of Club FM - a radio station that made headway in the South-Indian region since 2007 - started as a senior RJ eight years back. He later moved to become a Programming Head and presently inducted as Creative Programs Head in Kochi. Priyaraj talked about his journey as the conversation commenced with

From Kathakali, Ottan-Thullal (Dance-forms) to traditional instruments, percussions and Kalaripayattu ( martial art form), Priyaraj inclination towards theatre made him learn the skills he could hardly pursue and finally landed up his life in radio-sphere. Initially, he started as an RJ with Radio Asia in Dubai which was supposedly first Malayalam radio station in a gulf country. Few years later, Priyaraj returned to his own state (Kerala) out of his passion for theatres.

Theatre had been Priyaraj's passion for many years, however, the former RJ found another channel to connect with the audience. Recently, Club FM bagged five awards at Pepper Creative Awards 2016 for which Priyaraj has been winning an award for Best radio Sparkler continuously since five years. “I think there is a systematic way of working in a radio station and I follow ethics for the same”. The ethics he counts on are - commitment towards listeners and producing what is required.

In his perception, an advertisement is necessary to drive revenues and continues to remain a powerful and effective tool for business. “Being a commercial medium we need to understand the value of ads and its integration in radio. If you are providing 100 per cent entertainment in the form of ads, listenership increases. In fact, most of our listeners come to hear our ads as we present in a creative and funny way”.

According to him, the listenership scenario in South India is totally different from other regions in India, especially Kerala where people are inclined towards television more than radio shows. The main challenge starts when the prime time knocks after 7 pm. and the prime time shows starts attacking radio stations. “Probably, a bad time for radio stations in South region,” laments Priyaraj.

“But, we realized that there are a huge number of non-viewers, not interested in television like teenagers, college going youngsters, working class people and so on. What we do- accumulate this kind of audience and deliver them rock-shows, friendship shows. We dedicate this time to youngsters who come up with their bands and perform live on our shows. Thus, we are known as the station for youngsters in our region”.

After prime time comes, the late night where he thinks the radio should sleep as well because there are fewer listeners. He ends on a great note stating, "Radio represents a city, the way it functions. We must work according to city’s routine. Otherwise, all efforts might go in vain.”