| 30 Nov 2022
Radio Choklate invokes spirit of Odisha with innovative show on Madhudan Das Jayanti

MUMBAI: Bhubaneswar's Radio Choklate is all prepared with its new show 'Madhubabu Live from Gorakabar' on Madhudan Das Jayanti that fall on 28 April 2016.

This time round, the radio station plans to invoke the spirit of well known freedom fighter Madhudan Das, better known as Madhubabu, with an innovative idea. Listeners will be able to participate in a 'spirit call' to the late freedom fighter on the occasion of his birth anniversary. RJ Sangram and Manoj Patnaik will take on the responsibility of bringing Madhu Babu's thoughts on the state of Odisha now and then.

“Usually, we have a talk show in the evening at 7 pm ‘Kintu Kemiti Kahinki’ (But, how and why) where we discuss current topics. This time, we wanted to do something different on Madhudan Das Jayanti. Hence, this idea popped up - it's scripted by Guru Satapathy,” says Radio Choklate programming head Sangram Mishra.

“Madhubabu was the first graduate and advocate of Odisha. He is known as Utkal Gourab, which means Pride of Utkal as he was one of the makers of modern Odisha. He played a key role in the amalgamation of different Odia speaking tracts and worked a lot on behalf of farmers. Even Mahatma Gandhi said that he was one of the best freedom fighters of the country. Through this show, we are trying to tell people that Madhubabu’s soul is not happy with the current state of Odisha where farmers are committing suicide, women are being tortured and raped. With Madhubabu himself sharing his grief, we hope this might bring a change in society.”