| 05 Dec 2023
Radio City's Odd ya Even solution for Delhi

MUMBAI: With Delhi embarking on an ambitious odd-even numbered scheme for private vehicles to control the rising pollution level in the city, Radio City has decided to extend a helping hand to the Delhiite’s by providing free cab services to winning listeners when they cannot commute in their own vehicles.

To combat the odd-even confusion, with service ‘Odd ya Even, Gaadi Dega Radio City’, listeners can now get a ride to their destinations as branded Radio City cabs will be available with an exclusive pick and drop arrangement. The service started on January 4, 2016.

The station says that there are  between 20 and 30 Radio City branded cabs (equal number of odd and even numbered cars), which will commute throughout the day during the trial period.  In a day, approximately 150 people could avail of the free ride which includes 60 to 65 winners with each of them adding some members to the car pool. 

Talking about the initiative, Radio City EVP Marketing Satyanarayana Murthy said, “Keeping the consumer first ideology in mind, Radio City came up with this unique initiative of ‘Odd ya Even, Gaadi Dega Radio City.  Delhi needs drastic steps to avoid the impending catastrophe due to the rise of pollution. Radio City has backed the ‘Odd ya Even’ formula by making life a bit easier and entertaining for the listeners.”

He further added, “Listeners can overcome the inconvenience of not being able to commute in their vehicles by spotting the Radio City branded cabs at key junctions of the city and availing the benefit of a free ride through a simple registration process. Through this initiative, Radio City is not just offering listeners convenience, but is also facilitating them to car pool and encouraging them to contribute their bit to ease pollution ridden Delhi.”

Radio City is executing this activity in association with ‘Magic Sewa’ branded cabs, which will accompany the listeners throughout the day for their ease during the 15 days trial. Apart from offering commuting service, Radio City will provide their guests breakfast to ensure their comfort while ferrying them from home to the workplace and back.

Murthy also informed that “The response for the activity has been tremendous so far. We have already got hundreds of messages from our listeners, who are interested in availing the benefits of the Radio City cab.”

The activity is being promoted on-air constantly by informing the listeners about the location of the cab and the registration process to avail the cab services further revealed Murthy.

Listeners can register themselves with Radio City, by sending across an SMS <City (space) Destination name> to 56060 and be the lucky ones to avail of the Radio City cab service.