| 22 Jul 2024
BIG FM to be renamed as 'BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG FM' on 2 April

MUMBAI: Big FM will rename itself to ‘BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG FM’ on 2 April, 2015 as the station joins hands with Nissan to launch one of the car brand’s variants, the Nissan Sunny. However, for this particular day, the station will not broadcast any Nissan radio ads. With the intention of giving listeners something extra, BIG FM also plans to slash all ads during the show ‘Sangeet Kay Sitaron Ki Mehfil’ hosted by Ameen Sayani.

RBNL COO, Lavneesh Gupta said, “As a radio station, we always look forward to innovation and that is what Nissan stands for. Nissan is giving us that space which will help us deliver more content to our listeners. As a result there will be more interaction and gratification with our listeners.” He revealed that Big FM came up with the idea after getting feedback from listeners saying that there were more ads than music and other content. “Our association with Nisaan is a long standing one and we jointly came up with the campaign wherein we decided to give that ‘space’ to the audiences as this way we can keep them happy,” he added. The radio station also intends to increase the number of contests, winners and prizes on that particular day.

Commenting on the partnership, Nissan, managing director, Arun Malhotra said, “Nissan Sunny is not a car but a ‘caaaaarrr’. Similarly, Big FM is big and now they have extended themselves to ‘BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG FM’ which is why we go hand in hand. Nissan is all about innovation and the same is with the campaign.” When asked the reason for running the campaign on Big FM’s retro stations like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, despite Nissan Sunny targeting the youth, he said, “Our target audience is across all segments and geographies so we have a combination of old and young people. Retro music is not about age or time. It is about the feel and style.”

Additionally, on 2 April, comedian Cyrus Broacha will also tickle the funny of listeners on his show ‘Space Matters with Cyrus Broacha’ from 7-8 pm. He will talk about the importance of space in the daily lives of people and also about how BIG FM gave him the “space” to be a radio jockey. During the show, he will also talk about the features of Nissan Sunny.

The campaign will be run across 10 cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Ludhiana, Amritsar and Jalandhar. It will also highlight Nisaan Sunny’s major USP - extra space and added comfort.