| 24 Mar 2023
Godrej's Shireesh Joshi: Radio an important brand integration tool if it is audience focused

MUMBAI: Brand integration has always been a tool to promote and brand with radio as a medium to reach niche and targeted audience. Towards the end of the year, calendar or fiscal, more and more brands come together for brand integration. They experiment with different offers, innovations and customer behavior. One of the most important factors is medium to be used to reach out to the audience and communicate effectively with it.

Godrej Group of Companies strategic marketing head Shireesh Joshi said, “The festival season is the time when a lot of brands try to communicate to the customers through many mediums, television, radio and digital platform. Radio is a platform which provides authenticity and credible information. It is an efficient way to reach out to the customers in different cities.”

“It provides us a more focused audience; the mentions were done during the shows, mentioning the products. We were able to reach credibility and impact the audience. It has worked very well for us, and use of out innovation Free G was a plus point for us.”

This was as done by Godrej when it launched the RJ Handshake on Diwali. The initiative gave them 10 million reaches in terms of audience in eight days of the campaign. The outcome was measured by calls made to Free G, which is a non-web based mobile browsing experience.

Free G was launched on 14 November, 2014. Godrej reported that the Free G number received half a million missed calls in just the first month of the campaign.

The innovation was used by Godrej to showcase its entire range of brands on a single platform to the consumer to create awareness about its products. Free G also assists the marketing teams in micro-targeting ad campaigns through mass media; measuring the impact of TV ads; engaging with consumers and generates sales leads and much more.