| 03 Jun 2023
Rouge FM: Back home to Reezom

MUMBAI: At the end of August 15, the 'Groupe Rouge' launched a brand new, Custom ID jingle package for Rouge FM which was written and produced by Reezom in Montreal.

Comprising of more than 70 sung mix out cuts, The new package was written to lift the station with more energy - whilst incorporating the warmth of the station and engaging the core audience. This energetic package which bridges the gap between Hot AC and CHR, has a killer sonic logo and sounds totally unique because Reezom is far from just a jingle factory.

Rouge FM is one of the major french radio stations in Switzerland and covers the alemanique area. Previously, the station was called radio framboise, that radio station became Rouge FM in 2005 and commissioned Reezom for it's sung imaging rebrand. When operating in competitive markets - it is essential to have a well produced, distinctive and effective jingle package. Rouge FM enjoys a phenomenal daily reach of 120,000. Reezom has been producing and creating sung and brand Imaging for the group for more than five years now.