| 09 Feb 2023
Surf Roots radio launches Reggae Music's biggest online radio expansion in 2015

MUMBAI: The #1 online reggae radio station*, SURF ROOTS RADIO, has landed aggressive industry partnerships in 2015 allowing the station to exponentially increase it's distribution, media, and market presence creating the first online reggae radio network and breaking ground on a new era for the Reggae Rock industry.

The new Surf Roots Radio Network will launch 4 new music streams (Reggae Nation, Island Mix, 420 Radio, and On The Rise), introduce the new and anticipated Surf Roots Television Channel, and launch it's new Surf Roots App set for release March 1, 2015. This comes as no surprise as Surf Roots Radio is a crucial player in the growth of U.S. based reggae music, supporting the explosion of artists such as Rebelution, SOJA, Slightly Stoopid, Dirty Heads, Pepper, Iration and many more onto the mainstream.

Establishing the first "Pandora-like" Reggae Radio Network, the addition of new streams will allow listeners to experience 5 different styles of the reggae music genre in one location 24/7. REGGAE NATION will be streaming traditional Jamaican reggae and authentic roots; Surf Roots ISLAND MIX will feature the best of Hawaiian and Island Reggae; Surf Roots 420 will feature programming focused strictly on reggae herb tracks, playing tribute to cannabis culture; Surf Roots ON THE RISE will feature a unique opportunity for up and coming and developing artists to be heard. The Surf Roots downloadable app (available on Android and IOS) has also received an upgrade to match Surf Roots' increased market position. In addition to the four new radio streams, the app has improved streaming quality, smoother buffering and listener customization including sleep timer & alarm clock, more social media connectivity, and renovated design to support all the latest operating systems.

With new distribution partner TuneIn® Radio, the Surf Roots Radio Network has expanded their listeners from an organic 300k+ per month to potentially reaching 50 MILLION active listeners per month in over 230 countries who listen on average to 2.3hrs of radio per day. Surf Roots stations will also be featured in all the new connected cars, as well as computers and hand held devices. TuneIn® will be featuring Surf Roots as one of their featured stations throughout 2015, with co-branded marketing and promotions.

Surf Roots Television is an audio visual augmentation that will bring together an award winning production team to deliver cutting edge programming spanning live performances, music videos, artist interviews, and behind the scenes views of reggae's growing global culture. Featured on YouTube, Apple TV, and more, the distribution network reaches the best in surf culture through it's featured distribution partner is the largest extreme sports website, and through Surf Roots Television will reach 14 MILLION unique, and a total of 41 MILLION users per month. With the third highest distribution rates of any sports site next to ESPN and FOX Sports, will assure a solid and well honed footprint for these musical productions, bringing high quality audio video programming to your device.

Surf Roots Radio Network's mission is to deliver the highest quality reggae music programming to it's global listener base. Supporting the reggae industry since 1999 out of a deep rooted love for the artists and music, station owners Dave Resin & Tim Gray launched Surf Roots Radio in 2011 establishing the station as one of the first reggae stations to pay publishing royalties for every spin through full licensing via Sound Exchange, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. "The expanded formats for Surf Roots Radio and TV give us the ability to showcase the world of reggae in a whole new way. This is true multimedia for our audience," says Resin. They are currently accepting new strategic sponsors and partnerships that are looking to capitalize on Surf Roots' large audience with opportunities for title positions on all radio streams and television programming.