| 25 May 2024
Edition three of IRF kicks off in Zurich

ZURICH: The third edition of the International Radio Festival 2013 kicked off today at Zurich and will run at the Schloss Shilberg for four days. The most modern building in 1898, the beer baron's castle witnessed the inauguration which was attended by the professionals from the radio and allied business interests from across the world and radio lovers.

“I just love listening to the radio which is why I am here - as just a radio fan,” said IT consultant Roman Schorn to Echoing Schorn was his friend –a financial services expert Stefan Stamopoulos.

Radio Jocks,(or music jocks or presenters, if you will) the very beautiful Lebanese Rania Younes from Abu Dhabi Media’s Star FM, the pretty as a peach Gabby Sanderson from Ireland; the Chinese team of Rachel and Demone from Tangsuanradio; jocks from Switzerland, and of course our very own Indian Radio Mirchi Mumbai RJ Jeeturaaj; representatives from radio infrastructure companies on-line as well as mainline media houses; Swiss Tourism; representatives etc., networked in a relaxed atmosphere at an iconic setting. “I am here, not as the mainstay jock this year, although. I will be doing a couple of radio shows,” informed the very astute Normski; he along with Sandserson was one of the mainstay jocks during IRF 2012.

Dressed in a colourful attire, India’s Jeeturaaj was ever ready with the line of questions and interviewed a number of participants for his radio show in Mumbai.

“People keep saying that radio is dying, even in the US. Actually, the radio audience numbers are growing,” revealed iBiquity Digital Corporation’s Senior Vice President, Broadcast Programs and Advanced Services Joe D’Angelo during an informal chat with D’Angelo had attended IRF 2012 last year. “It’s great to have so many around stakeholders from the most consumed medium in the world here on a common platform,” said the IRF co-organiser Darryl von Daniken.

Earlier, the IRF 2013 B2B sessions which started in the morning of September 4 focused on Switzerland.The first session was a workshop on Financing of radio followed by a workshop on Radio raining for a radio producer. The post lunch session had a workshop on the importance of social media for radio followed by two presentations-the first one on local Swiss stations in the global market; the second that focused on innovative marketing approaches, "added values" such as editorial elements of surprise and a careful brand management help to keep the audience at the bar.

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