| 05 Jul 2022
BBC World Service and Voice of America fights Ebola together

MUMBAI: British broadcaster BBC World Service and American broadcaster Voice of America (VOA) have entered into a partnership to give out as much information as possible on the Ebola Virus. Both will collect resources and content about the Ebola Virus in West Africa.

The partnership will involve sharing television, radio and digital content related to Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia outbreaks. It will also include identifying new areas for collaboration and sharing contacts.  The content will be provided in English, French and Hausa, with options to translate content into other local languages. Usually, VOA provides programming in 43 languages.

World Service director Peter Horrocks said, "This is the worst Ebola outbreak the world has seen and so we have taken unprecedented action. Reliable facts and information can literally save lives and as the two leading broadcasters in the region we have joined forces to reach as many people as possible."

VOA director David Ensor said, "We at the VOA and the BBC are united against a common enemy—Ebola. Our collaboration is about public service at a time when so many lives are at stake."

VOA is one of the international broadcasters in America under the umbrella of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and is fully funded entity by the US government.