| 19 Jul 2024
French radio brand, NRJ clocks over 30 million weekly listeners

MUMBAI: Clocking 30 million listeners per week, NRJ International commercial radio brand has been the ultimate unrivalled leader in the French radio space.  Having opened six franchised radio stations in past two years, NRJ brand has strengthened its international footprint since its advent in 1981. It is the first French commercial radio station founded by Jean Paul.

Speaking on this remarkable growth, NRJ GROUP Founder and CEO Jean Paul Baudecroux exclaims, "The launch of six franchised stations, within last two years, illustrates attractiveness of the NRJ brand and its unique capacity to leverage its power in many radio markets.”

NRJGROUP International Activities CEO Richard Mazeret says, “We are delighted to welcome TVR Media and SBS Belgium in the NRJ family and we are confident that the conjugation of NRJ's strike force together with their one market expertise will once more be a success story.”

“We are making our own version of the world's most listened radio station. The results six weeks after launch of NRJ in Denmark are staggering and we show impressive growth week-on-week. The strength of the NRJ name and the positive vibes connected to the brand has played a massive role in these results,” says TVR Media CEO and partner Lars Nielsen.

“Although we could have taken one of our three TV brands, or launched a new radio brand, the choice for the brand NRJ was a positive and conscious decision. The strength of the brand, the power of the group and the proven success made this an easy choice for Sbs,” concludes SBS Belgium CEO Peter Quaghebeur.

Having its foothold 17 countries, NRJ ENERGY has seen rapid international expansion through direct investments or via cooperation agreements, with the implementation of branded stations in seven countries between 1988 and 1998: Switzerland (1988), Germany (1991), Sweden (1993), Austria, French-Speaking Belgium (1994), Finland (1995), and Norway (1998).

Also, since 2000, NRJ has pursued its international development by franchising its brand and savoir-faire via Trademark License Agreements with leading media groups in Bulgaria(2005), Lebanon(2006), Morooco(2016), Russia(2006), Egypt(2017), Cyprus(2017),  Mauritius(2017), Georgia(2017), Dutch-Speaking Belgium(2018) and Denmark(2018).

Well, the growth witnessed by NRJ commercial radio station is noteworthy!