| 28 Jan 2022
Sarang FM puts the spotlight on Konkani writers and poets

MUMBAI: Mangalore based community Radio station Sarang 107.8 FM will be celebrating its first birthday by hosting a new weekly series 'Sarang-Raknno Samvaad Vedi' and bring on air several Konkani writers and poets.

The official announcement states, "Listeners who have read these writers but had no chance to listen to them, can now listen to their voices and hear what they have to say."

The show is planned as a 52-episode radio serial, and will commence on 22 July at 7.30 a.m. with a repeat telecast at 1.00 and 6.30pm  

Within a year, this community radio station run by St Aloysius College has increased its daily broadcast from six hours to nine in April, and 14 hours in June 2010. Currently,  Sarang FM broadcasts shows like Madhyama Harate (a daily live media-review program) a weekly live phone-in program called Kannoonu Kacheri (Legal Cell).

It will soon start a new serial 'Arogya Sparsha' – a live health program at 7.30pm, on every Friday in Kannada.