| 24 May 2022
Same frequency woes blight 2 Mumbai CR stations

MUMBAI: Allotment of same frequency, 107.8 FM has created discord between two community radio stations in Mumbai.

The frequency 107.8 FM was allotted to Mumbai University in February 2008 and the community radio station has been since operational as Must FM.

The problem started when the Wireless planning and coordination (WPC) wing of the Ministry of Communication allotted the same frequency to Bandra based community radio �Jago Mumbai'.

As Jago Mumbai initiated its test transmission early this month, it caused interference in transmission for Must FM. Says Must FM head Pankaj Athavale states, As they started transmission there has been tremendous amount of interference in our transmission. They broadcast for four hours in the morning and the areas of Bandra, Vile Parle, Khar, Pali hill, Milan Subway are overshadowed by their transmission....

Must FM started with four hours of broadcast initially and today transmits around 13 hours of programming.

Talking on the issue, Jago Mumbai chairman Naveen Chandra explains, We have approached the WPC for change in frequency and the government is taking some time to sort the issue. The changed frequency would be allotted soon and we would begin transmission on that frequency....

Athavale believes the interference is affecting his already established listener base and his advertising prospects. As it was only meant to be a test transmission, Jago Mumbai could have discontinued the broadcast after the initial tests. Also, as WPC is in the process of allotting an alternative frequency, there is no point for them to broadcast on the existing 107.8 FM....

We are limiting our broadcast to four hours and it is unreasonable to demand that we curtail our broadcast,... Chandra replies.

Keeping in mind the confusion in the minds of the listeners, Must FM broadcasts a message on air intimating them about the intrusion by another community radio. Listeners are hoping the war on the airwaves would be sorted soon.

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