| 04 Dec 2021
Radio MUST conducting a one day workshop on Disaster Management

MUMBAI: Mumbai based community radio station-Radio MUST is conducting a day long workshop on Disaster Management on Saturday, 1st August, 2015. The workshop will be attended by chief secretary of the Disaster Management Authority, and a few officials from the BMC and Police.

The sole intention of the workshop is to spread awareness about Disaster Management. “These days, Mumbai is facing an issue of torrential rains and it is necessary to spread awareness about disaster management. This is why we came up with this idea,” said MUST head Pankaj Athavale. The community radio station is constantly in touch with the MET department to get updates regarding weather conditions, and constantly broadcasts the forecasts.

Additionally, Athavale also revealed that MUST radio has applied for a license for a HAM club station. The HAM club station is like a small walkie- talkie, which is used to disseminate information when other modes of communication do not work. “We applied for the license, which we are still waiting for. A HAM station integrates people of similar interests. In our case we will use the HAM station when all the other modes of broadcasting information fail,” he explained.

The radio station is currently busy with its program ‘Maths in Sports’. The show will go on till October 2015 and then the team will contemplate introducing newer shows.