| 12 Aug 2022
I&B Ministry calls for RFP for Community Radio Stations

MUMBAI: The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) has released the date for the pre-bid meeting for the Request for Proposal (RFP) to select a Consulting Agency for conducting a study on Listenership, Reach and Effectiveness of Community Radio Stations in India.

The notice was issued on Wednesday 23 July 2014 and stated that the RFP would be scheduled for 25 July 2014. The meeting would take place at Shastri Bhawan in New Delhi from 11 am onwards.

The new notice also stated that parties interested in participating in the pre-bid meeting would have to send in their requests by mail or call the number provided with the announcement.

Announced on the official I&B Ministry website, the note was undersigned by Information and Broadcasting Ministry Community Radio station deputy director Inderjeet Grewal.

As reported earlier, the main aim of the study will be to estimate the reach and listenership of Community Radio Stations. It will also record the demographic and socio-economic profile of listeners, gauge the nature and extent of participation of the CRS, and also use these stations as a platform for identifying and promoting local culture and talent, among other things.

The issuance of the final RFP will be on 1 August and the last date for submission of bids will be on 29 August, with eligible bids being opened on the same day.

The contract will be awarded on 30 September and the work has to be done within 120 days. The final presentation will be on 31 January next year and the government will announce its acceptance or otherwise on 27 February.