| 05 Aug 2021
Community radio station to start at Uttaranchal

MUMBAI: A community radio station will soon come up at The Energy Resources Institute..., Disttt. Mukteshwar, Uttaranchal.

The Letter of Intent had been issued to the Institute after recommendations of Inter Ministerial Committee (IMC). The Community Radio Station is expected to be operational within three months as per the agreement. With this, the number of CRS will increase to 64 in the country.

The Community Radio Station named Kumoun Vani... will bring the local communities on a common platform and enable better communication and flow of resources between them. This Community Radio Station will enable them to generate content based on local issues as well as technical knowledge about operating a radio station. Local organisations will be invited for content sharing through radio spots and programmes, music bands or music groups can be invited to play and create radio jingles. Workshops/seminars sessions can be narrated on the radio creating awareness, discussions on technique and method to improve horticulture practice and comments from experts/panel discussion. Experts from various backgrounds will be invited to discuss issues related to environment protection, emancipation & development of society to afford an all-round rapid healthy development and also to meet the social responsibilities.