| 06 Jun 2023
All India Radio interfering with CR Henvalvani's frequency

MUMBAI: Uttarakhand based Community Radio (CR) Henvalvani has raised concern over All India Radio's (AIR) transmission interference over their frequency. The minor over-lapping of the frequency took place for many years now, but with the new 1 kW FM transmitter near the community radio set-up by AIR things have gone from bad to worse ever since.

The interesting highlight here is the frequency of both stations- Henvalvani operates under 90.4 MHz, while, AIR's Vividh Bharati operates under 101.2 MHz, which shows the gap between both.

According to sources, currently, AIR is test running their new transmitter in the region. Community Radio Henvalvani founder and director Rajendra Singh Negi said, “We complained to the AIR officials in the region about the interference. They informed us that they will look into the issue in January during their next visit or next testing phase. It is very surprising, how casually they have addressed the issue. Our station has been a source of information for the people based in the region and with the interference we are killing people's voice.”

For past one week, Henvalvani listeners started informing the station about the interference and how the listeners cannot listen to any of the programmes aired by the station. The minute the Community Radio station goes off-air, AIR channel takes over the frequency completely. Negi said, "This has not stopped us from airing our programmes. We fear that we will soon face financial constrains as our station depends on local, DAVP and Uttarakhand government adverts."

WPC, wing of the Ministry of Communications, have been informed about the issue who has requested the station to submit an application for the same.
Henvalvani is located in Chamba and is operating since 2001. It has carried out various on-air and on-ground activities for the well-being of the people in the region.  

However, as far as AIR is concerned, 231 more transmitters (115 Continuing Scheme + 116 New Scheme) under 12th Plan are being established in the country, including in rural areas. This is part of AIR's long-term expansion in the country.