| 15 Jul 2024
Nodia CRS runs shows for all age groups

MUMBAI: Every community radio station (CRS) has an out of the box concept to entertain and educate its listeners, but none have thought the Salaam Namaste way. This Noida CRS, has managed to rope in RJs of every age group to run their shows.

The radio station is a 24 hour licensed on-air station which broadcasts from 9 am to 7 pm. Located in IMS College Sector 62 Noida, the station has women, students and senior citizen as its primary listeners and RJs from age group of 4 to 70 and maybe more.

Here is a list of the interesting set of shows run by this CRS.

Chakh De Chotu – This is a radio program for underprivileged kids by underprivileged kids called Chotu RJs. Varying between the age-group of 7 to13 years, the RJ’s along with playing and learning new things, share their stories, improve their vocal skill, get books to read. This show not only gets the community to join hands and help them but also puts efforts to get these kids proper education. The show is broadcasted every Sunday, 10-11 am.

Radio Chaupaal – This is a fortnight musical show with the villagers. Here the RJs are named as Maati RJs and they sing folk music. This show is either live or pre-recorded and is broadcasted every fortnight Saturdays from 5 -6 pm.

Second Innings Ko Salaam – This is a special show for senior citizens by the bright oldies. These RJs discuss on topics like natural beauty tips, career tips, food recipes and more.  Once a month this show also has a segment called Retro Rewind where on listeners’ choice the RJs sing the song live on-air. This radio program intends to give them a new identity with Radio.

Dhoom Pichak Dhoom - This is a fun based radio program with kids from the age of 4-12 years, who are the Junior RJs at Salaam Namaste. This is an everyday show where kids have activities like storytelling, poem recitation along with spreading social awareness. The shows is either narrated by student RJs or by the Junior RJs.

Salaam School - An interactive show where school students as school RJs share their views on talk of the town, about their school, share important topics of study on radio and teachers share moral values, update on recent changes made in exam patterns etc. Every school has an interesting story and these RJs talk about it on-air. At the end of the show, each time the students are asked about changes they wish to see in their school. Around 30-40 schools (under - privilege, semi-privileged and privileged) are participating. The show is broadcasted every Friday 11-12 pm.

Salaam Music- Each school and college has its music band which is not so popular but filled with amazing talent. These are featured on a music based program where young music groups as Dhun RJs share their original music. Stories about how their bands were formed are the most interesting segment of the show. Thus Salaam Namaste is supporting and popularising their original creation and talent through the medium of radio.

Salaam Shakti – The only show on Salaam Namaste empowers women in the community. This program brought by Shakti RJs intends to empower women who are home based. The motto of this program is to give a platform to the women who do creative work from home, add value to their clientele and have more people know about their creativity.