| 27 Jun 2022
After lying in the backburner, Ravenshwar radio to be back on-air

MUMBAI: For three years, 90.4 FM Ravenshaw radio was off-air due to technical issues, but now they have plans of reviving it.

The community radio that started in 2008 at Ravenshaw University in Cuttack, Orissa as a dry run and officially launched in April 2011 hasn’t had a smooth run. The station did launch in 2011, but it went on a hiatus for two years due to pending license permission.

“Due to lightening in the antenna, we were unable to air programs. It took us long to take a call on it. Now, we finally decided to come on-air and also turn it into a teaching device for the students of Mass Communication and Journalism in our University,” said Ravenshaw University vice chancellor Prakash Sarangi.

The community radio station will offer students musical programs, guest lecturers from senior professors about Journalism and Mass Communication and some more campus activities.

The radio station acquires 15 km radius, which includes townies too. Thus common issues and law for the citizens will also be discussed on-air. For which justice from Orissa High Court will be visiting the radio station. Local issues will also be taken into consideration and the news covered by the students reporting will be aired.

The university took a while to revive the CRS as they were unsure of their plans for the station. However, when the government showed interest in the station the work began. Thus, GOPA (Grand of Permission Agreement) license has been acquired by the University and now they will go on-air from the coming academic year.

The university will convert the station for learning purpose too. “We will give the student practical knowledge on radio. So, the production on our radio will be by the students and teachers. The existing teachers will be a part in handling the station as we are not looking out for any on running expenses,” said Sarangi.