| 17 Aug 2022
Govt. wants parties to organise community radio awareness to grow the sector

NEW DELHI: In view of the slow growth of community radio in the country, over the past decade, even after greater liberalisation announced in 2006, the Government has now invited parties interested in organising community radio awareness workshops, and National and Regional sammelan/workshop for operational community radio stations to send in their expressions of interest to the Information and Broadcasting Ministry.

The EOI document can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website.

Organisations who meet the eligibility criteria may furnish EOI for one or more activities with all necessary documents in a sealed cover along with a covering letter duly signed by an authorised signatory and a non-refundable processing fee as a demand draft of Rs. 1000 on or before 3 November.

The EOI document and other details have been placed on the Ministry’s website.

Separate EOI and processing fees should be furnished for each activity, and the EOI may be submitted through speed/registered post or by hand only. Any EOI received after the due date or not found to be in accordance with the set procedure will be rejected outright and the decision of the Ministry in this regard will be final and binding.

The National Sammelan will have to be organised in New Delhi or any other city in the country. The Ministry’s decision with regard to venue of the Sammelans will be final. National CR awards are also presented in the National Sammelan by the Ministry and a Compendium is published by compiling inputs received from operational CRS. The compendium shall be compiled by the selected organisation.

During the financial year 2015-16, the Ministry plans to organise eight awareness workshops, two Regional Sammelans of operational CRS and a National Sammelan of operational CRS.

Community Radio Stations (CRS) are essentially low power radio stations which are meant to be set up and operated by the local community. CRS is rooted in the local community which gives it a distinct advantage to focus on development goals for health, nutrition, education etc. Since the broadcast is in the local language, people are able to relate to it instantly.

Another significant purpose served by community radios is to preserve the unique cultural heritage of our country by making community radios as repositories of the local folk songs and folklores. Many CR Stations have recorded and preserved local songs for posterity. Communities have the opportunity now to access this rich heritage. The CR Stations have started to create new local celebrities by broadcasting their songs and concerts. Local artists have found a new platform to showcase their talent to the community they belong to. In most parts of the country local folk songs and traditions are dying due to lack of patronage and support. Community Radios have emerged as saviours of these songs and have given a lease of life to these dying arts.

The unique position of CRS as an instrument of positive social change makes it an ideal tool for community empowerment. There is therefore, an opportunity to promote Community Radio Stations in India.