| 18 Jun 2024
Radio Brahmaputra commences its broadcasting after being hit by floods

MUMBAI: After the state of Assam was hit by floods, Dibrugarh-based Community Radio Station (CRS)-Radio Bramhaputra commenced its broadcasting on 7th September, 2015. The broadcasting was discontinued for seven days as the flood water had entered the studio.

Radio Brahmaputra, station coordinator, Bhaskar Bhuyan kept the followers updated about the situation through Facebook as he posted a few pictures.

“We have just started our broadcast on Monday and right now the situation in Assam is under control. The broadcast was interrupted because the flood water had entered our studio and we had no electricity for a few days,” said Bhuyan.

The CRS will now broadcast programs on health issues that crop up post flood. The hour-long show will have segmentation and will target children and women. There will be doctors speaking on prevention of the illness that occur post flood and the precaution that one needs to take for drinking water.

“We will have several doctors speaking about what kind of water people should be drinking. We thought of doing this because water based disease is one common illness that happens post flood,” he further added.

Currently, the CRS is not facing any breakdowns in the frequency and it is working well. “The only problem is that since the flood water entered our studio, a lot of equipment has stopped working. Our computers were not working,” he explained.

The broadcast for the CRS happens from 9 am to 7.00 pm every day.

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