| 07 Feb 2023
All India Radio's 'Adi Swar' gets pat from Tribal Affairs Ministry

NEW DELHI: All India Radio’s (AIR) nationwide talent hunt show for tribal music, ‘Adi Swar’, has come in for appreciation from Tribal Affairs Minister, Jual Oram, who appealed to tribal communities of India to come out and participate in large numbers in this folk music competition.

The show, to be broadcast on the national channel of the pubcaster, provides a free platform for tribal population anywhere in India to upload an audio clipping or send an audio CD of their singing performance without any restrictions imposed on their age, sex or economic status.

In an interaction with the team members of ADI-SWAR, he said, “Tribals have written and unwritten long oral traditions and this competition will attract tribal people and other singers to come out in open and showcase their talent”.

Expressing his personal enthusiasm towards this competition, the Minister said such initiatives are vital to preserve, protect and promote the deep rooted cultural heritage of our nation.

Emphasising on the vibrant culture of the tribals, he felt that they have musical songs for each and every occasion to celebrate life, so this talent show will also provide an opportunity to discover the hidden talent of the nation. He extended his Ministry’s support in order to make this a successful event.

Contestants can record their voice and send in entries either by mail or registered post by 20 July.

After receiving the entries, the same will be judged by a committee and those who qualify in the preliminary round will be invited for the semi-final. The Grand finale will be held in Delhi and a Panel of judges comprising of eminent music personalities will select the winners.

The broadcast date will be set after the completion of the entire talent search.

This show is an open platform for the vast reservoir of untapped talent of tribal population across the country.