| 06 Jun 2023
All India Radio spent just over Rs 327.5 crore of 129.75 crore

NEW DELHI: All India Radio allocated a sum of Rs 13,441,618,000 during 2013-14 to all the kendras in 29 states and seven union territories of which a total of Rs 12,746,389,000 was spent.

Prasar Bharati sources told that AJR kendras has already spent Rs 3,275,336,000 out of the sanctioned Rs 12,975,431,000 until June-end for the current year 2014-15.

The public broadcaster had spent Rs 11,866,532,000 out of a total budget of Rs 12,550,932,000 during 2012-13 and Rs 11,088,709,000 out of Rs 11,316,176,000 allocated during 2011-12.

The union territory of Delhi spent Rs 6,02,637,000 out of the sanctioned Rs 3,052,489,000 until June this fiscal year.

A total of Rs 2,646,907,000 was spent out of the allocated Rs 3,002,586,000 during 2013-14, Rs 2,465,953,000 of the budget of Rs 2,610,079,000 in 2012-13 and Rs 2,319,442,000 of the allocated Rs 2,366,923,000 in 2011-12 in Delhi.

Recently, the public broadcaster of India, All India Radio (AIR) has witnessed a growth of Rs 134.27 crore in the financial year 2013-14. AIR's gross revenue earnings from all sources including commercials during the year 2012-13 was Rs 376.68 crore and was Rs 510.95 crore in year 2013-14.