| 05 Jul 2022
AIR denies allegations of sexual harassment of RJ in Dharmapuri

NEW DELHI: All India Radio (AIR) Directorate General in Delhi has described as false, the allegation by a radio jockey couple in Dharmapuri, that they were removed from their casual jobs because they had complained about sexual harassment by the Programme Executive.

Sources in AIR said that an inquiry by an internal sexual harassment committee, including one from the Chennai station and one from outside AIR – both women, had established that the charges by the couple who had been getting assignments from 102.5 FM were fabricated.

The sources said it had been established that the couple were sore because the number of RJs had been increased after voice tests and this had resulted in lesser assignments for the earlier casual RJs.

Meanwhile, AIR DG Faiyaz Sheheryar said “monotony is venom to any broadcasting organisation: and every effort is being made to get newer and younger voices as RJs all over the country”. He said this was particularly important at a time when Prasar Bharati had embarked on a new path where its revenues were increasing and it was able to compete with private players.

The couple had alleged that they were removed in April, soon after the committee probed into the woman’s complaint. The couple was anchoring music programmes. The woman had raised the charge and was supported by her husband, according to AIR sources.