| 02 Apr 2023
Employees and not closed LPT transmitters of Doordarshan to be deployed to AIR, clarifies Shashi Vempati

MUMBAI: Contradictory to what was earlier reported by a leading news portal about closed Low Power Transmitters (LPT) of Doorshan to be deployed to All India Radio (AIR), Prasar Bharti CEO has given accurate information about the actual scenario.

Commenting about the same, Shashi Shekhar Vempati said, “I think people have not understood the parliamentary question correctly and there is some misinterpretation. We have conveyed in parliament that the staff employed at the Low Power Transmitters (LPT) of Doordarshan, which we are closing down, is being re-deployed in FM transmitter locations of All India Radio. While in some cases, these FM transmitters are co-located, in some, their location is different.”

A leading portal had earlier informed about the national broadcaster’s plan to rationalise its set ups across the country by transferring closed TV transmitters of Doordarshan.

We hope Vempati’s clarification clears the misinterpretation.