| 25 Mar 2023
AIR FM growth dependent on funds, manpower: Rathore

NEW DELHI: Parliament was told today that the country was being covered by FM radio in phases depending on availability of resources.

Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Rajyavardhan Rathore said that a large amount is needed for providing 100 per cent FM coverage in the country. In addition, there is the question of availability of manpower, land etc.

He said All India Radio FM channels cover about 34 per cent by area and about 47 per cent by total population of the country. Many areas/villages/towns/cities in the various districts are still uncovered by AIR FM Service.

For providing FM Service in the uncovered areas, 221 new FM transmitters including 100 W FM transmitters have been approved.

In addition to this 56 FM transmitters have also been approved for up gradation of power .

The present Policy on expansion of FM Radio Broadcasting services through Private Agencies (Phase-III) approved by Union Cabinet on 7 July 2011 envisages setting up of Private FM radio channels in all cities/towns having population above 100,000 (based on 2001 census).

Besides 11 towns in Jammu & Kashmir, North East and Island Territories (having population less than 100,000) have also been proposed for setting up FM radio channels.

A total of 707 channels are still left to be covered in 227 new and uncovered cities in Phase III.