| 18 Jul 2024
BCCI and AIR end feud; will cricket commentary be back on Radio?

MUMBAI: Given the fact that cricket is a huge sport in India and it’s played in every corner of our nation, getting a live update of the sport is of great importance. But, the ones staying in towns with little to no electricity supply have no option but to rely on radio commentary for their minute by minute updates. However, this option was taken off air in 2015 leaving the avid cricket fans disappointed. Now, we have some good news for the ones who were waiting for radio cricket commentary. BCCI and AIR have now decided on letting the bygones be bygones and get together to offer the nation radio commentary.

Back in 2015 both AIR (All India Radio) and BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket) disagreed on certain points that led to cricket commentary going off-air, but 2017 marks the beginning of a new dawn.

“AIR and BCCI are in talks to start the cricket commentary all over again,” said one of the sources from AIR. We are all aware that the two were going through certain financial issues. BCCI offered AIR a 25-75 per cent profit sharing agreement but it was not suitable for AIR and thus the deal was put on hold in 2015.

“We had certain financial issues with the BCCI but with a mutual understanding, we are sorting the issue now. It took a long time in terms of decision making because there have been certain changes on the BCCI front,” said the source.

Radio is one of the first medium of entertainment that many people have grown up listening. The audience that does not have time to sit in front of a Television too relies on the radio for news and entertainment during work. Due to the issue between BCCI and AIR, the latter lost and disappointment its loyal listeners.

To get back all its listeners, AIR is planning a grand comeback announcement.

As the two are still in talks, we cannot assure when the commentary will begin and for how long will it run. For further updates keep reading