| 06 Feb 2023
All India Radio does not resort to propaganda: Sheheryar

NEW DELHI: “All India Radio does not resort to propaganda – religious or otherwise”, says AIR director Fayyaz Sheheryar.

He told that "AIR counters falsehood”, referring to a report in the media that AIR was using its channels on the border in a message war against Pakistan.

The report had quoted AIR as saying - "Religion and terrorism cannot be the state policy for any country" as its central message in the 16 post-Uri bulletins AIR's External Services Division has broadcast to listeners in Pakistan, with special stress on reaching Balochistan.

The shortwave service had also broadcast Quran verses that talk of peace, and every bulletin says "terrorism does not find a place anywhere in the Islamic code". ..

Two bulletins carried this message: "The Quran forbids killing of innocent non-combatants. It says terrorism is above all murder and murder is strictly forbidden in the Quran. Hence, those promoting terror in the name of Islam are in the wrong."

At present, there are 27 channels directed to India’s neighbours, of which seven – incxlkudine Baluch, Saraiki, Urdu, Pushto and Punjabi – are diected towards Pakistan in view of the importance given by India to better people-to-people contacts.