| 16 Jun 2021
Amidst Coronavirus scare, Abraham Thomas focuses on key responsibilities

MUMBAI: BIG FM CEO Abraham Thomas emphasized on the importance of staying safe and has requested other organizations to use technology to remain open for business while guarding themselves and educating the audience to practice social distancing and hygiene.  

He further added, "We have two key responsibilities at this critical time a) stay safe - our teams, our families, our communities and the society at large and prevent further spread of the virus b) stay open for business to keep the economy moving forward and people employed so that societies are able to function.
In these times of self-distancing for the greater good and following the guidelines issued by governmental bodies, BIG FM moved completely to a remote working model over the last weekend and since Monday morning all our 58 stations are live from their homes. Our disaster management plan and built-in contingencies helped us to shift seamlessly to remote working.

Thomas mentioned that all their RJs are doing their shows from their homes using their sound equipment systems connected via a VPN.

“Our business teams are also interacting with over 500 clients on a daily basis via video conferencing, messaging, email or phone calls. Advertisers too have responded favourably by preferring to deal digitally. Our support teams are also equipped to service client requirements from multiple remote locations maintaining the highest level of Sales servicing, creative solutions, scheduling, traffic, billing, and collections,” he added.