| 27 Oct 2021
World Radio Day 2019: Pillars of a radio show

MUMBAI: We all tune into radio-while commuting, relaxing or travelling long distance. With the advent of technology, the introduction of newer mediums hasn’t slowed down the demand for radio. Initially, All India Radio or Akashvani was the only radio station for India. However, since 1993, private FM channels have taken a forefront. With this privatisation, came in the creation of more jobs in the Radio industry. Let's have a look at the pillars who run a radio show.

Radio Jockey/Anchor

The one that takes the most limelight. The original poster boy of Radio anchors were legends like Ameen Sayani and Harish Bhimani. However, with the privatisation of FM channels, the need and the subsequent popularity of anchors caught up. A new term, Radio Jockey was coined. Ever since then, we have witnessed RJs become no less than celebrities of this country with a massive following and influencing capacity.

Show Producer

A radio show producer is the main person to conceptualise a show.  A producer thinks through the time slot given, the target audience, the kind of music to be played, the content of the show. A producer is actually the actual hero of any radio show.


Sometimes the show producer doubles as a scriptwriter or other times there is a separate scriptwriter. These people weave magic with words and make content or a topic appealing to the crowd.

Sound Engineer

A sound engineer as the name suggests designs the sound. The main work of sound engineer arranges the sound according to the need of the show.

Head of Sales

Yes it is irritating to hear ads while listening to your favourite  songs but to sustain the revenue model HEAD OF Sales is important. It brings required advertisements and the monies to run the show.

There are many other important parts played by many people in putting a show together but these are the main pillars of running a radio show.