| 06 Jun 2023
Bodcast: The Plane Jar association's new podcast on body positivity gets teenage opinion

MUMBAI: Mumbai based ‘The Plane Jar’ Association has started a new initiative this week called Bodcast. They have taken up issues revolving around body positivity and body image, and arranged a podcast speaking by inviting teenage speakers to express their views on the topic with regards to the current generation.

When interviewed by the RnM team about what was their actual thought process behind starting something like this, we received pretty amazing responses from them.

Simran Ghai, who was a part of this entire idea, states, “I feel like it’s really important, almost everyone has these issues, yet it’s barely talked about.”

 “A lot of people go into a spiral of self hate, and it’s very difficult to come out of it, and maybe this podcast could’ve helped someone even a little bit,” she adds.

If you feel insecure about your body, you’re not alone. Click on the link below and check the podcast:

Three speakers spoke about their perspectives on this issue. Vidhya, one of the speakers beautifully spoke about how our appearance is the least interesting thing about us. Salika gave a whole new panorama about validation while Hemali’s outlook on accepting and loving your body even when it comes in tiny fractions comes out.

This podcast is wonderfully created and gives a spectacular overview to what teenagers actually face and how they deal with problems and struggles about their body image. This is just the first segment of this initiative, stay tuned in for the next one!