| 18 Jan 2022
India's first podcast on rare diseases

MUMBAI: While podcasts still have to make it mainstream in the Indian markets, there are some like Suno India that are making their presence known with the social connect of their programs. One such is their first podcast on rare diseases, which was launched at the end of February 2019.

Spilling beans about the same, Suno India founder Padma Priya said, “We have launched India’s first podcast on rare diseases, which is hosted by Avantika. It will give people a background on rare diseases, challenges faced by Indians who live with them, what is happening at the policy front, latest medical technologies etc.”

Well, getting in-depth knowledge of rare disease and its victims persisting in India will indeed spread awareness. Besides, Suno India is also working on another first-of-its-kind podcast on Tuberculosis.

“We will also start working on India’s first podcast series on Tuberculosis, which will be led by a senior health journalist, Menaka Rao,” Padma Priya further added.

Meanwhile, Suno India has a lot of shows released on elections resonating with the ongoing Lok Sabh Ele that talk about its various aspects.

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