| 18 Jan 2022
Suno India's intriguing podcasts on Lok Sabha Elections 2019

MUMBAI: While radio is playing a major role in the promotion of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 and campaigns, be it of political parties or on voting, Podcasts are no way behind when it comes to covering one of the most important topics of discussion, the nation is currently struck it. Suno India, which is a four months old podcast, has a lot of shows released on elections. They have collaborated with Radioactive – a community radio station, Wire Urdu and Thaeruthal – a Tamil podcast for different shows on elections respectively.

For their show, Every Vote Matters. Suno India has teamed up with Radioactive. Speaking about it, Suno India founder Padma Priya says, “We have already released five episodes of Every Vote Matters, which we have syndicated with Radioactive so that they can re-broadcast them on their community radio station, thereby reaching to a newer audience. The episodes will be broadcasted every Thursday.”

Every Vote Matters is collaboration between Suno India and Factly. Further talking about the episodes, she revealed, We are trying to simplify the electoral process and processes behind it for the people. The first episode was on Why Your Vote Matters. It takes people to the history of Indian elections, how we got our voting ran. Second episode is on how to become a voter. It takes people through how they have to become a voter. It includes an interview with Delhi CEO. Third episode is on Women in Elections (Representation of women in politics). We did an interview with a researcher looking at the history of Indian women in politics, reasons for poor representation and the importance of women voters. This episode had released on international women’s day. We have also released an episode, which takes people through the moral code of conduct.”

“We have two more episodes lined-up, one how people should look at the candidates and not necessarily the political party. We have done interview with Yogendra Yadav. We have one more episode with the association of democratic firm, ADR, which is more on political funding, what is NOTA and what kind of impact it will actually make. It will also be a conversation around political funding. One episode on various manifestos that will put on by political parties,” she further added.

Putting light on the two podcasts on elections, Suno India has released, Padma Priya told, “We launched two other podcasts around elections; one of them is Election Nama, which is in collaboration with the Wire Urdu. We will be taking broader themes and having discussions around it. We have released one episode on the history of voting, first voters speak etc.”

“We have launched another podcast in Tamil called Thaeruthal, which is again on elections. This is in collaboration with Navin of Curry podcast. He is a podcaster from Tamil Nadu,” she added.

She also told, “We have one more show, called Suno India show, a weekly show, which will look at news, linked to current affairs. We have released five episodes so far, starting with Forests Right Act. Since it is election season, we will be putting out more special episodes on it.”

Lastly, revealing future podcast shows of Suno India, Padma Priya concluded, “We are in the process of finalising and also taking things as they come. But we will be looking at issues of unemployment, the whole conversation around the attacks on minorities, what could become issues for voters in the coming days.”

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