| 15 Jul 2024
Ever heard of Bikers Radio Rodcast?

MUMBAI: We all are acquainted with podcasts, which are nothing but audio or video file, which one can listen to or watch based on their convenience. But have you guys heard of a Rodcast?

Well, for those unaware, we just came across this unique podcast called Bikers Radio Rodcast. As the name suggests, this super-cool fortnightly Rodcast is about bikers. It comprises of thrilling stories of bikers, their bikes, gear, motorcycling, machine etc. Bikers Radio Rodcast brings to the users about 43 million stories of riders and thus aims to celebrate their spirit. Below, we have a Rodcast of a rider, which you should surely check out.

Tune into one of the stories here

Biker Radio Rodcast

India's exclusive fortnightly motorcycling podcast celebrating the spirit of motorcycling of 43 MILLION riders. Listen to the compelling stories of motorcycling, the riders, their machines, the rides, gear and more, one legend at a time.

Though a fortnightly podcast, Bikers Radio Rodcast is indeed a fab way to connect to the world of bikers. It is also a unique way for those crazy bikers, who want to share their stories with the world.

This first-of-its-kind Indian podcast popped up from the brainy heads of Arvinder Singh and Shirshendu Banerjee aka Shandy and Sunny. The duo was runner up for the Whickers Radio and Audio Funding Award last year in Londond and won prize money of 3000 pounds for their unique contribution. With this award, Bikers Radio Rodcast was became known on the world map for being the first as well as exclusive bikers podcast of India.

Well, the duo has segregated motorcycling stories that will surely make you kept glued.

You can tune into the bikers Radio Rodcast on iTunes or on Player FM.