| 12 Jun 2021
The True School of Music names Julia Leggett as Chief Executive Officer

MUMBAI: The True School of Music (TSM) announced the appointment of Julia Leggett as CEO of its flagship school in Mumbai.

Leggett’s role is to bring to India and TSM the best practices from around the world, especially with regards to running contemporary music schools and programs.

With a ten year head-start of working at Academy of Contemporary Music and being an expert in gauging the market demands, Leggett hopes to watch TSM achieve the success that the institution is capable of in the country. She said, "I worked on industry engagement at ACM helping the musicians, producers, writers to get to the next level, in a very competitive UK market. So, when I first met Ashutosh and Nitin (founders of TSM), I was immediately taken with the concept of TSM; I knew these guys meant business."

Speaking at the announcement Leggett said, "The creation of this post will assist TSM in its mission to deliver the highest levels of standards in professional music training in the country. I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity to spearhead this vision, and feel very excited about the prospects of music education in India. I truly believe in teaching future musicians, artistes and producers how the music industry works so that they can create great careers."

TSM co-founder and senior MD Ashutosh Pathak added, "We welcome Julia on board and feel very confident that she will provide solid leadership as we strive to provide high quality contemporary professional music education and musical participation opportunities to our students and the music community at large"

The True School of Music has international faculty drawn from around the world that includes the likes of the Manhattan School of Music (New York), The Conservatorium van Amsterdam and the HKU School of Utrekt (Amsterdam). In addition to this, all its professional programs including DJ-ing studio and live sound and music production have been authored by top authors from New York, London and ACM.

Leggett has previously worked with organisations like, Creative Labs and Mediagold. She was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of ACM in 2012 where she was responsible for the business development aspects of the institution. She was also charged with the development of ACM's digital presence and brand development. During her tenure at ACM, the academy has trained now famed artistes including Ted Dwane, guitarist of Grammy winning band Mumford & Sons.