| 22 Jul 2024
9X wants its media agencies to play 'Pic Charades'

MUMBAI: 9X Jalwa re-launched itself with a brand new look a month ago. With its new tagline stating, 'Forever Young', the channel aims to attract the younger employees of the media buying agencies. Using the medium of the instant messaging apps, 9X Jalwa presents 'Pic Charades', a combination of Pictionary and Dumb Charades. With the help of emoticons from the various instant messaging applications, the player and their team members will have to guess the names of Bollywood songs from the 90s which have been metamorphosed into emoticons.

Speaking to, 9X Jalwa Marketing Head Kapil Sharma said, “We wanted to take the “Forever Young” communication to the trade media, to kind of show them that 9X Jalwa is all about re-popularising the music of the 90s. But instead of sending them a mailer, we decided to do an activation with them; something media buying agencies can have fun with. It is something that will be memorable for them.”

According to Sharma, the use of these emoticons is not restricted to this campaign; it is continued in 9X's trade mailers and trade advertorials. Since this campaign is aimed primarily at media agency employees, 9X is only using the digital social platform to exhibit photographs of the winners. 9X has also produced cards with a calendar on one side and a five-song quiz on the other, including the emoticons.

The channel will be promoting the new look and the 'Forever Young' communication of the channel across media buying agencies in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. The winners will be gratified with channel merchandise. The channel will also carry out branding exercises across these agencies starting from 6th August 2014 till the end of the month. While the execution of the 'Pic Charades' campaign across cities is handled by Pure Media, 9X is handling its digital marketing in-house. 9X is taking this campaign to consumers through hoardings on more than 200 private buses running in Mumbai and Delhi.

Besides the Jalwa activation, 9X recently tied up with cake shops across India like Birdys, Hangout and Brownie Point to print their animated characters 'Bade–Chote' and 'Bheegi Billi' on their cakes. This tie up is across more than 40 outlets in Mumbai and Pune. The characters 'Bade-Chote' will also be tied – up with over 70 outlets of FAASO's across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.