| 15 Jun 2024
MTV Beats' take on Delhi Pollution is a must watch!

MUMBAI: Gone are the days when summer and winter breaks were all about cherishing each minute outdoors, under the bright sun and the soothing moon. Unfortunately, we now live in an era where not only outdoor excursions are a cause of concern, it is difficult to even breathe freely indoors.  

The capital city, Delhi is grappling with the hazardous air pollution these days, as a result of which, the Delhi smog is grabbing headlines everywhere. MTV Beats, the ultimate destination to 24*7 Bollywood music, took up the issue and released a hard-hitting video on Delhi pollution, as part of their upcoming property, Beat Tweet!

Click here to view the video:

Throwing light on the current hullabaloo on air pollution, the video consists of live tweets on the reactions of the citizens, performed through a powerful rap! The thought-provoking video also talks about the blame-game that poses a serious problem.

Amidst the series of tweets, the one where God says, “Hey Delhi, are you down there? I can’t see you” captures the attention. As the lyrics of the rap originate from the tweets of the people, it is indicative of the anger and the concern of the people who are reeling under the effect of Delhi smog. Pollution in the recent times have been a major cause of concern in India.

The increased use of plastics and vehicles have resulted in alarming levels of pollution in metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore etc, leading to hazardous consequences on the flora and fauna.

It’s high time we bring about a change ourselves and take care of our environment, and MTV Beats says it rightly so. Tune-in to Beat Tweet, only on MTV Beats!