| 05 Jul 2022
9XM audience is enjoying its cricket initiative claims Clyde D' Souza

MUMBAI: 9XM strongly believes in tapping on the industry trend through content. Newsic is one such product that was created out of popular demand. The new property is a blend of news and music.

Newsic will cut short your second screen and channel surfing time during the IPL season. It will bring you the highlights of the matches on the music channel.

The cricket highlights will be run by the channel in through tickers and Webakoof reporter- ‘Chote’. The animated character will bring cricket updates straight from the field.

On the initiatives, 9XO, 9XM programming head Clyde D’Souza said, “We are getting fun response on it and everyone is enjoying the cricket fever. What we have done since last year is get more topical which is why we launched Newsic. We are more relevant now when it comes to music, entertainment or news. Relevance is a big factor that we have introduced on our channel.”

Elaborating on the channels animated characters he explained, “We are probably the only channel that does animation on a regular basis. We have created an automated animation system. We have bought the software which allows us to animate in real time. Animation takes a lot of time, for one episode it takes ten to fifteen days. Through this automation system, we have created our new properties like Newsic which makes it extremely relevant.”

The Newsic videos are also being uploaded on channels social platforms.