| 25 Jul 2024
With music back in focus, life comes full circle for Channel V

MUMBAI: Evolution is the key to survival and Channel V seems to have mastered the process.

Channel V, a music channel that rocked the music TV space with some remarkable songs and the right set of VJs from the mid 1990s, decided to move to original programming in 2005. The channel continued to air youth based shows over a decade to only flip the coin, yet again. 1 August 2016 marked the rebirth of Channel V India as a music channel.

However, this time, the needle of the clock is ticking a bit differently for the revamped channel. It will clearly be about the "visual experience" and the channel has put an interesting line up of shows to ensure the same. The list of the ongoing shows include- 'V Hangover', 'V rush', 'V Shuffle,' 'V international', 'Hit Machine', 'V Non-Stop', 'Most Wanted', 'Dance with V' and 'Late Night V'.

"We are looking at having a clutter free evolution in three months. Most music channels have almost three fourths of the screen covered with ads. At times, there is also a bug playing on the left-hand side of the screen. We believe there is no need for it. We will be bringing the best of English, Hindi and popular music on our channel. This will not just be good music, but music with the best visual experience," said Channel V, Star Gold, Movies OK & Utsav Movies, GM & EVP Hemal Jhaveri.

V is also looking at bringing music that has been failing to reach our TV screens despite being intrinsically good. "There is a lot of good music out there that does not get played. We will be bringing that on our platform," averred Jhaveri.

The channel is also looking at collaborating with Indian and international artistes in future. This would also include the channel having tie-ups with well-known music labels for original music content. Nothing has been locked yet.

However, Channel V is not looking at bringing the VJ back on TV. "Currently, there are no thoughts around that. We are just looking at providing uninterrupted music service. We do not want anything to come between you and your music," clarified Jhaveri, who is also looking at creating new IPs around the newly revamped channel."We are still working on the idea as they are expensive and things have to work out with your audience," he added.

The music channel had a hush-hush first week of revamp, but the marketing team at the Star Network is now looking at going all out. "We are in the last stage of finalising our 360-degree marketing campaign. It will have a TV, outdoor and digital campaign and I can assure you that it is something that you haven't seen before," ended Jhaveri.