| 06 Jun 2023
Vh1 to organise musical treasure hunt for World Music Day

MUMBAI: Vh1 is organising a musical treasure hunt for city musicians, rock stars and audiophiles around World Music Day. The 'Vh1 Relay Treasure Hunt' will be one of the coolest treasure hunts ever according to the Vh1 creative team and it will happen in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.

“In Mumbai, it will come to pass on 25 June Saturday, and it will be a two hours gig. We scheduled the date during the weekend because nobody will show up on 21 June (World Music Day) as that’s a weekday,” said Vh1 India marketing manager Bikram Bindra.

Furthermore, explaining a bit about the treasure hunt he averred, “There will be some pre-decided location along with some clues. These will be music related, such as, name of songs, complete the lyrics and more. On the whole it is a fun engagement for city music lovers and the winning team will get a paid trip to Goa for Vh1 Supersonic,” he added.

Vh1 Supersonic which started in 2013 is India’s definitive dance music experience and it occurs on the blissful beaches of Goa during the end of every calendar year.

Vh1 Relay Treasure Hunt registration has already began. Registration will be wide open until 20 June. Anyone can be a part of the World Music Day special treasure hunt. The only criterion is that the participating group should include four members and their name should be cool and music related.

Let music be your guide as your much-loved musicians and their songs lead you through an adventure packed trail.