| 15 Apr 2024
9XM tops charts; Baljinder Mahant calls it an 'assurance' not 'milestone'

MUMBAI: 9XM is flying high these days. The music channel made it to the top of the BARC charts in Week 18 in the CS 15-30 ABC (Urban) and CS 15-21 ABC (Urban) category. Mastiii that has been numero uno for a very long time was finally pushed to second place by 9XM last week with 13067 (‘000s) in CS 15-30 ABC (Urban) and 6805 (‘000s) in CS 15-21 ABC (Urban).

Mastiii managed to gain just 12632 (‘000s) which was a loss of 751 (‘000s) in CS 15-30 ABC (Urban) and 5616 (‘000s) in CS 15-21 ABC (Urban), loss of 448 (‘000s).  

9XM and 9X Tashan cluster head programming Baljinder Mahant told, “Our viewers are extremely valuable to us. Hence, we have been trying our best in the last few months to offer them what they want. Probably this is what has worked for us.”

When asked if he would like to give credit to his new show ‘9XM Selfiesh’ for the recent success, he clearly stated that its team effort and that he wouldn’t want to give credit to a sole property.

He added that the numbers might fluctuate in the coming weeks, but he is working on a goal to surpass the others in a manner that there would be no competition in future. However, this would take them good six months, according to Mahant.

"This is not a milestone but an assurance that we are on the right path,” he said.

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