| 06 Oct 2022
Muse and Rudimental go to PPL UK for international neighbouring rights collections

MUMBAI: Music licensing company PPL will collect royalties on behalf of British rock band Muse, and dance outfit- Rudimental, in countries outside of UK. Both bands have handed over the responsibility to the PPL, which has collected £226 million from various international bodies in the last decade.

This deal will help the artists earn royalties, and ensure they are paid fairly for their work internationally. The company, after deducting its running costs, distributes all international revenue to PPL’s members, without retaining profit for its services. This also includes international collections; however, the PPL does not include joining fees.

The collection organisation has been working towards ensuring fair pay of royalties for music from overseas with 79 international agreements. PPL head of member services Amanda Carmichael said, “We are delighted that Muse and Rudimental have moved to PPL. We have continued to work closely with overseas societies to drive maximum returns for our members and grow our reach, whilst delivering an excellent personal service and it is great to see members recognise this.”

Commenting on the latest development, Mike Skeet, partner at Skeet Kaye LLP and leading financial specialist in royalty and copyright auditing for the music industry said, “PPL does an excellent job on behalf of both performers and record companies ensuring that they are paid fairly for their work. The revenues that they collect in the UK and internationally are becoming increasingly vital to the industry.”

Rudimental has continued to take the charts by storm in the UK and internationally, with numerous tracks from their debut album ‘Home’ making the top five in Europe and Australia. Commenting on the development, Greg Burnell, Stack House Management, who represents Rudimental said, “Rudimental have worked extremely hard to achieve the success that they have received internationally. We appreciate all the work that PPL does in making sure they are paid fairly for their work worldwide.”