| 05 Dec 2023
Rental company- Design FX Audio's auction to take place in second week of November

MUMBAI: Gary Ladinsky has made a decision to retire, after serving the audio industry for more than three decades with his rental company Design FX Audio. Ladinsky’s decision will mean that the company will now undergo an auction process, conducted by Tiger Capital Group's Remarketing Services Division.

The auction will take place for recording professionals and others on 10 November, for tube microphones, vintage outboard equipment, analog and digital recorders, a complete tech shop, a mobile recording studio, and other digital, analog and vintage audio gear owned by the company. The bidding will take place from Design FX's headquarters in Burbank, and preview of the auction’s articles will take place on 9 November from 10 pm to 4 pm at Design FX's headquarters.

More than 100 microphones, including the AKG-C12, Neumann U47, M49, M50, Telefunken 251, and other tube microphones, as well as condenser, dynamic and ribbon microphones will be up for bidding. Microphone pre-amps include Neve 1073, 1081 modules and two-, four- and eight-channel powered racks. Assorted EQs, digital reverbs, effects devices as well as limiters/compressors will also be available.

Analog and digital tape machines by ATR, Studer, Mitsubishi, Sony, and others will be available for sale, along with control room monitors by companies like Genelec, KRK, Meyer, Yamaha, Tannoy and amplifiers by BGW, and Crown. A total of three Pro-Tools systems will also be offered: two HD 3 with Basic Digi plug-ins, and one HD 2 with Basic Digi plug-ins. Other equipment includes Mackie and Sony digital consoles, Mackie and Behringer mixers, assorted video monitors, and a tech shop with tools and testing equipment (AP, Textronix). Studio and other furniture for sale include post-production workbenches, and office furnishings.

"This sale is a great opportunity for recording professionals, sound engineers and collectors to find rare and classic sound mixing and recording equipment," said Jeff Tanenbaum, president of Tiger Remarketing.

Sealed bid will be conducted for the company's remote recording/broadcast truck with a deadline of 17 November. This sealed bid will include a Jack Crymes-designed mobile studio. Mounted on a 1991 International 35-foot diesel chassis with full air ride, the studio features a custom API 44/24 bus and 32-monitor console, API 550A EQs, two Pro Tools 10 (each with five interfaces), outboard gear, microphones, intercom system, and interface.