| 07 Feb 2023
ole acquires Mark-Cain Publishing catalogue,including masters from major Canadian Rock bands

MUMBAI: ole, the world's fastest-growing independent rights management company, has acquired Anthem Entertainment Group's Mark-Cain publishing catalog, including the associated master recordings of Taurus Records. ole will now control a catalog of publishing and masters for more than 40 albums from Canadian artists such as Max Webster, Ian Thomas, Lawrence Gowan, The Reason, Coney Hatch, Boys Brigade, Rikers, Spoons, and Aerial.

Notable tracks featured in the catalog include 'A Million Vacations,' 'Let Go the Line,' and 'Paradise Skies' by Max Webster; 'Painted Ladies' by Ian Thomas; 'A Criminal Mind,' 'All the Lovers in the World,' and 'When There's Time (for Love)' by Lawrence Gowan; and many more.

"ole is very pleased to be able to work with such an amazing legacy of Canadian songs, recordings, and with the artists that created them," said Robert Ott, chairman and CEO of ole. "For many of us, these songs are an integral part of the soundtrack of our lives, and we look forward to bringing them to new and wider audiences."

"ole has proven itself to be a major force in the rights management world, and we're pleased to have them take over this body of work," said Ray Danniels, CEO/President of the Anthem Entertainment Group and SRO (Standing Room Only) Management Inc. "It's clear from our conversations that ole's staff are huge music fans who have the best interests of those they represent at heart. We're confident that our songs are in good hands."

Founded nearly three decades ago by Danniels and Vic Wilson, Anthem Entertainment Group presides over one of the most successful independent record labels in Canada. Initially an outlet for legendary rock band Rush, the label grew to provide a home for many influential Canadian rock bands that had fallen through the major label cracks. Mark-Cain was established to handle publishing duties for the label's roster.