| 20 Oct 2020
music services | 16 Oct 2020

NTIA reacts to further restrictions being implemented in London and Essex

MUMBAI: The Government today announced further restrictions in London, Essex and Elmbridge, with some further announcements on other areas of the country over the coming days.

music services | 14 Oct 2020

Google shuts down Play Music store worldwide

MUMBAI: At the start of August, Google provided an official deprecation timeline for Play Music. The incremental shutdown continues today with Google...

music services | 14 Oct 2020

YouTube Music to display new features

MUMBAI: Google Play Music store is no longer available. This is part of Google's process of moving its music streaming services to YouTube Music. The...

music services | 14 Oct 2020

Gaana unveils 'Gaana Launchpad' to...

MUMBAI: After empowering artists with a dedicated cloud-based Artist Dashboard to learn more about their fans, India’s largest music streaming app,...

music services | 30 Oct 2008

Net gains from music

If you thought listening to music online was only about and, think again. A clutch of new players have upped their ante in the last one year or so, each one playing a...