| 29 Jun 2022
YouTube reaches out to artists through 'YouTube for Artists'

MUMBAI: Starting off as a video-sharing site that accepted anything and everything by users to becoming a professional site that adhered to strict copyright laws, YouTube has seen it all. The popular video sharing platform is now trying to retain its content creators, mostly artistes that have been feeding the site, through the launch of a new site called ‘YouTube for Artists’. Along with this, the site has also introduced a tab- ‘Cards’.

 ‘YouTube for Artists’ will be a platform not only to enjoy music, but also to learn the basics of music through musicians and professionals. Apart from the music videos published on the site, it will also carry tips like ways to get discovered and engagement with fans. It will teach artists the most important lesson on sustainability by monetising their presence on YouTube. This will be soon open up avenues to many artistes in time to come.

‘YouTube for Artists’ will also have tools like ‘YouTube’s Music Insights’ which will let artists know the location of its fans and where they can plan a tour. It will also include details on the total number of views from the official music videos and fan uploads through Content ID. 

At SXSW Music this week, a preview of the data tool, as well as having live performances from emerging and trailblazing artists on YouTube, will be displayed.

The note by YouTube stated that “We want to do more than just give you tools to succeed-we want to help more and more fans discover your channel and videos. So we are working on new ways to celebrate and promote the wide range of artists on YouTube.”

‘Cards’, the newly introduced tab on YouTube will help YouTube content providers. The tab will have six types: Merchandise, Fundraising, Video, Playlist, Associated Website and Fan Funding, and is present in the video editor.

The statement by the site also mentioned that it will put a “spotlight on the artists who are growing the fastest, engaging with their audience the most, and helping define what music means on YouTube.”

On 23 March at 10 am PT, it will reveal a complete list of this year’s top 50 artists at the YouTube Music Awards channel. It will also showcase special music video performances from some of this year’s winners and other emerging artists.